Transfer Cost?
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Shipping Cost?
Free shipping is via USPS first class package service. Faster shipping service is available at an additional charge. Select either ground, 3 day, 2 day, or next day service. Your transfers will then ship by either UPS or FedEx. Tracking info will be emailed to you when transfers are shipped.

Trade Only?
We only work with companies that are active in the decoration and sale of garments, promotional products, and other printed material.

How To Apply?
Transfers should be applied with a commercial grade heat press. The temperature should be set to 310 degrees fahrenheit with medium to firm pressure. PrePress for 3 seconds. Press for 12 seconds and peel cold. It is not required but we do recommend a 2nd 12 second press using either a parchment or teflon sheet to cover the design. These times and temperatures are what we find works with most heat press equipment and fabrics. You should test and adjust the time and temperature you use based on your equipment and materials.

How Does It Wash?
You will see little to no change for the first 30 washes and the transfer will continue to look good for at least 50 washes. In fact, most people like the feel and look better after garments have been washed.

How Does It Feel?
The feel will depend on the design and how it is applied. The feel is soft and breaths well. For softer feel, try not to have large solid areas in your design.

Available Print Sizes?
Small - 11" x 12.50"
Medium - 22.50" x 12.50"
Large - 22.50" x 25.00"
Film may be cut slightly larger than print sizes. We use the above print sizes to make our production standardized and reduce waste. For other size prints, contact customer service.

File Requirements?
Maximum file size is 10 megabytes
Minimum 150dpi and Maximum 1200dpi - 300dpi is recommended
File types: .png, .tiff, .pdf, .eps, and .ai
All designs will print as sized in the file
Transparent background
All text should be converted to curves

Transparent Colors?
Transparent colors do not print well. We suggest changing any transparent colors to a solid color. You can use halftones to get a similar effect. We can not be responsible for how designs with transparent colors will print.

Are Gang Sheets Ok?
Yes, we will print exactly what you send. Gang your designs together before you upload your file with the designs ganged to fit the print size you selected.

Can You Drop Colors?
No, we will print exactly what you send. If you want to drop out a color, it should be done before the design is uploaded. For instance, if you are printing on a black shirt you can remove all black in the design file to let the color of the shirt become part of the design.

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